Tia Carrere Nude Tropical Island Photos

September 21st, 2010 by tia

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Have we got a treat for all of you guys who are into hot Asian chicks! Today’s post features Tia Carrere in some smoking hot nude pictures showing us her yummy body! That’s right, fully naked images of Tia exposing her exotic poontang in front of the camera are presented just for you in this hot gallery of naked Tia Carrere pictures. You didn’t realize that she can be this kinky, huh? But this post is the proof guys! Go on and check out these sizzling hot naked pics of this talented actress and enjoy looking at her hot body.

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Tia Carrere is well-known for having curves in all the right places and of course, that statement has never been more evident than these hot tropical island themed nude photographs of the popular Hawaiian actress. If you want to see just how sexy this Asian babe can get, just check out these Tia Carrere nude photos. Aloha, you perverts!

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Exotic Tia Carrere’s hardcore fuck pics

April 22nd, 2010 by tia

You might have thought that Tia Carrere got her looks for being Hawaiian, but the truth is, Tia’s beauty is all Asian! Yep, she’s part Filipino and Chinese, which explains the exotic hotness she lets off. But the professionalism she applies to her fucking skills doesn’t need to be attributed to race or nationality; it’s all Tia Carrere, folks. But either way, if you’ve got a fetish for getting Asian pussy screwed, Tia’s got the limitless sex drive to fulfill your fantasies. She can take any kind of cock, as long as it will please her lady lips with deep, hardcore penetration. Tia Carrere likes nothing more than getting her cunt drilled deep and slow, and while she normally likes to, er, get on top of things, she’s fine getting cock on her back, with her legs splayed wide to provide maximum thrust and pleasure.

And because she’s got the sexual charm of being Oriental, I’m sure fucking the horniness out of Tia is a noisy, enjoyable experience. She’ll moan, squeal, and scream her way to orgasm, and you can start making her do it by checking out Tia Carrere’s hardcore naked fuck pics.

Tia Carrere gets nude in “My Teacher’s Wife”

June 28th, 2009 by tia

Tia Carrere has been in the Hollywood industry for some time and even though she’s in her 40’s, This babe is still smoking and what a woman she truly is! It was in 1995 that Tia appeared in the sex comedy film “My Teacher’s Wife” starring opposite actor Jason London. In this movie, she got to do several scenes where she was seen stripping and showing off her gorgeous body donning several sexy lingerie outfits and this also included a sexy bed scene where Tia got naked and displayed her succulent tits on camera!

Surely all the fans of Tia Carrere would like to back track and see their idol get all sexy and freaky with that unforgettable nude movie scene and now’s your chance to relive that hot moment by visiting Tia Carrere Nude where you get to see the video of that sizzling bed scene plus other of her smoking sleaze that you won’t find anywhere else. So click here and enjoy the show!

Tia Carrere Goes Hardcore

October 27th, 2008 by tia

You do know that porn star Asia Carrere patterned her porn star name after Tia Carrere, didn’t you?  Well, it looks like the shoe is on the other foot this time and Tia Carrere is taking a page from Asia Carrere’s book by doing some hardcore XXX work, as seen in these dirty pics right here.  I’m a fan of both, and I bet most of you are too, and from the looks of it, Tia is quickly catching up with Asia’s raunchy performances with some really lusty fuck sessions of her own.

Just check out Tia getting ready to ride some guy’s big, black fuckstick.  She’s obviously delighted that she’s going to get a chance to have her pussy reamed by a huge cock like she’s never handled before.  That raunchy attitude is the right one to have when doing some hardcore, and we think she’ll do great in this field if she ever decides to make a career out of it, instead of just having some pornographic fun.

She’s got the perfect look for porn already, with her exotic, sensuous face and her tight, sexy body that’s been honed and kept in shape with lots of training for her numerous action movie appearances.  Her boobies and nice and firm and her curves are so mouth watering that just thinking about her body will make you drool.  Just imagine how much harder it’ll be when you blow your wad watching her in hardcore actionClick on this link to find out!  If you’re a horny Tia Carrere fan, you won’t regret it…

Feast Your Eyes On Tia Carrere’s Pussy

October 27th, 2008 by tia

Hawaii is a tropical paradise with an abundance of resources to please every horndog out there, from the beautiful babes that populate its beaches to the plethora of fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean surrounding it.  Here we have a tasty treat of fresh tuna that doesn’t come from the sea, though.  You’ll find it between the legs of one of the islands’ loveliest lasses — Tia Carrere!  It’s just as moist and fresh as any tidbit you love to nibble on, or at least that’s how it looks like in these cock-hardening raunchy pics.

Tia is finally embracing her sex goddess image to the hilt in these photos, giving all her fans what they’ve been lusting for since the 1990s, and that’s a nice, good look at her sweet pussy.  It’s definitely been worth the wait, because Tia Carrere is just so sizzling hot in these images, especially in the more graphic ones, where she’s spreading her pussy lips and really showing the camera her pink cunnyhole.  It’s a carnally explicit answer to our wishes, so grab your wang and start whacking off right now.  We know that’s what you want to do, because that’s what we did ourselves the first time we checked these pics out.

There are some more of these kinky, nasty Tia Carrere nude pics, so click on that link and dive into the luscious goodness of Tia’s tight Asian snatch!

Tia Carrere Flashing Her Big Boobies

October 27th, 2008 by tia

Tia Carrere is a really hot babe, and from the look of this pic, it looks like she’s got a nice, lusty sense of humor too.  From the expression on her face, she’s having a really fun time flashing her big titties at people, even at this guy with a camera.  That’s a nice hot pic showing her juicy funbags, and I can only envy the guy who took this pic because he got to see those big, bouncy mammaries live and in person.  My tongue would probably drop out of my mouth and reach the floor if Tia Carrere flashed those titties at me in person, and hopefully if that happens, she’ll slip on my drool and fall directly at me, so that I can cushion her fall by grabbing onto those juggies!

Well, a guy can fantasize, can’t he?  If this topless photo of Tia Carrere made you as hot as it got me, then you’ll want to check out Tia Carrere nude and flashing even more than her boobies, by clicking on that link back there…

Tia Carrere In Sexy Lingerie

October 27th, 2008 by tia

To whet your appetite for a spicy Asian dish like Tia Carrere, why not check her out in some sleek and sexy lingerie pics?  Tia’s been on People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People list, and of course she’s also been listed in those Top 100 Babes lists from men’s magazines like FHM and Maxim.  And let’s not forget her spread in the January 2003 issue of Playboy, which was the best selling issue for that year, and which was even reprinted in the 2006 German edition of Playboy.  With all those awards celebrating her hotness, you know that Tia is arousing enough even when she’s still covering up her titties by wearing lingerie.  Use your imagination when checking out these pics and you’ll still feel like pitching a tent in your pants, especially in that one pic where her panties are really translucent and you can see that she’s shaved and smooth down there…

There are hotter pics of Tia Carrere available on this link, so check it out once you’ve indulged your lust for her with these risque, teasing photos!