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Tia Carrere enjoys thick cock on cam

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

Tia Carrere sucks and fucks thick dick

As a Hawaiian chick, Tia Carrere has grown to have one of those nicely sun-kissed complexion on a tight and curvy body from all the hula she does while growing up. Fortunately, fame gave her the means in keeping her hot and sexy body the way it is all these years and everybody’s droolin’ over it. Though a lot has fantasies over her assets, there’s just a few lucky ones who get to really enjoy them in the privacy of her own home. As it turns out, she does some workout in the bedroom with two of her friends and it’s wild. Carrere chooses her sex partners well and she likes them thick and juicy. She sucks on her pal’s dick while a female friend would play with her cunt, making her wet for a nice and rough fuck action. Her sexy body isn’t just a product of gym exercises, it shows, as she sweats it out while getting drilled by her horny pal. She enjoys three way sex a lot and does it whenever she can. Carrere admits to preferring a kinky threesome to stretch and tone her muscles rather than spend hours in a stinkin’ gym.

Hardcore Tia Carrere banged on a table

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Being this gorgeous model and voice artist, plus a singer and one sexy dancer, you’d think that Tia Carrere is a no work, all play kinda gal. Though for the most part, she is and she would agree 100% because she’s a self-confessed workaholic, she does have extra time in her hands as to where the real fun begins. We all know that making money and a whole lot of it is indeed fun, but when it comes to what makes Carrere’s interest in things burning is the fact that she balances work and play as easy as balancing feathers on her thumb. She’s got all these men to give her pleasure whenever she wants to and they don’t mind sharing her attention with the rest of the gang. That’s why in this particular leaked video, she shares to the world just how much of a game player she is, always prepared for something wild either with one fuck buddy or with the rest watching over as she sucks and fucks some dude’s stiff cock. But she ain’t just letting these men fuck her holes, they do have to be playing roles too, just like how Carrere would like it in the films she’s been a part of.

Naughty Tia Carrere having a wild time on cam while sucking and fucking lover’s dick in front of their buddies

She enjoys a bit of role playing too with her sexual parties and this gives extra spice in her already delish and spicy fuck sessions. By the looks of her younger version in this clip, it’s quite obvious that she’s been doing this for a few times already, knowing well how to work that cock and with much confidence at a young stage in her career. She doesn’t seem to care what the risks are but luckily, instead of receiving negative reactions from netizens all over the world, there are still a lot more of those pervy peeps who are glad to have found this wild sex tape. Carrere was happy of course when she found out how much her fans and new fans have loved her dark side. She says since this isn’t the only one she’s done with a couple of men in one room she will eventually show more of her masterpieces where she’s having one hell of a banging action with hung dudes penetrating both her tight ass and wet pussy.

Tia Carrere gets nude in “My Teacher’s Wife”

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Tia Carrere has been in the Hollywood industry for some time and even though she’s in her 40’s, This babe is still smoking and what a woman she truly is! It was in 1995 that Tia appeared in the sex comedy film “My Teacher’s Wife” starring opposite actor Jason London. In this movie, she got to do several scenes where she was seen stripping and showing off her gorgeous body donning several sexy lingerie outfits and this also included a sexy bed scene where Tia got naked and displayed her succulent tits on camera!

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