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Tia Carrere Flashing Her Big Boobies

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Tia Carrere is a really hot babe, and from the look of this pic, it looks like she’s got a nice, lusty sense of humor too.  From the expression on her face, she’s having a really fun time flashing her big titties at people, even at this guy with a camera.  That’s a nice hot pic showing her juicy funbags, and I can only envy the guy who took this pic because he got to see those big, bouncy mammaries live and in person.  My tongue would probably drop out of my mouth and reach the floor if Tia Carrere flashed those titties at me in person, and hopefully if that happens, she’ll slip on my drool and fall directly at me, so that I can cushion her fall by grabbing onto those juggies!

Well, a guy can fantasize, can’t he?  If this topless photo of Tia Carrere made you as hot as it got me, then you’ll want to check out Tia Carrere nude and flashing even more than her boobies, by clicking on that link back there…